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Many people think that they have to wait until they become distressed before they seek help and support with their mental health, and yet research suggests that mental health is very much the same as our physical health in that by taking care of ourselves we can often prevent becoming seriously unwell.  This means you can seek out psychological input at any stage of your life to talk, to develop helpful and healthy coping strategies, to consider life events in a non-judgemental and safe environment or simply to gain a greater understanding of yourself and 'what makes you tick'.

However, most people seeking psychological support do so because they are struggling with their situaiton or with the impact of life events and their mental health.  Please look at the 'choosing a therapist' page as this details what level of psychological support you might benefit from.

As a clinical psychologist I am usually happy to work with most psychological problems and at all levels of care.  I will however do a risk assessment at the start of working together with you and if I genuinely believe that either another clinician would be more suitable or that your level of risk requires a co-ordinated team treatment, then I will speak with you about that.

Please look at the sub pages under this heading which talk about some of the psychological issues that people often bring to me and that I work with them on.  

Please get in touch to discuss your requirements as I am always happy to talk with you about how you are feeling and about how psychology may / may not be able to help.

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