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I leave one day per week specific to ADHD / ASD assessments and therefore I can usually start the assessment within a few weeks of you contacting me.


For therapy, I have made the decision not to hold long waiting lists as I don't believe it is helpful for anyone and whilst I can often give you an estimate of availability it will often depend on existing clients and I won't ever rush the work I do.  I hope you would appreciate that when you become a client and therefore understand that is how I work.  I will try and notify you of my availability when you contact me and let you make an informed choice whether you specifically want to work with me or would prefer to seek out another therapist if the wait is too long for your needs. 


At times I can offer sessions within weeks and other times it could be much longer.  I will let you know my approximate availability when you contact me so you can decide.

I only have a limited number of appointments each week and trying to manage changing requirements from week to week can be demanding. 


I try and ensure that I have regular breaks as this is good practice and so that when I see you I can focus my attention solely on you and offer the best service possible to you.  Therefore, it is especially important I try and stick to specific session and break times and manage my diary well.


I have clients who need or want a regular appointment slot, and I also try to accommodate individuals who work differing patterns or who might need time between sessions to reflect.  In addition, I do appreciate what a financial commitment psychological sessions can be and that you may need to spread sessions out if self-funding.


I will always do my best to accommodate your own needs, whilst managing my own work life balance.  Please talk to me about your requirements. 

Important: Psychological work requires an element of commitment and consistency. Please talk to me about how often, how regularly and how consistently you feel able to attend sessions, so that I can talk to you about how, and if, I can meet your specific requirements.  I would expect that initially you attend weekly sessions which can then move to fortnightly.  I would only expect to have sessions further spread out during the final stages of our work together.  Thank you.

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