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Training as a clinical psychologist means that I have undertaken years of educational and practical training in delivering psychological therapy, and because I am also trained as a counselling psychotherapist this means that my knowledge of different therapies is extensive.  I am trained to develop and deliver individual, group, and couples therapy.

However, the reason that training as a clinical psychologist takes many years, and such a high degree of education is because we are also trained to design and deliver research at doctoral standard, supervise and manage individuals and teams, evaluate, critique, and develop systems within teams and organisations and to evaluate and safeguard the people we work with.  Clinical psychologists are also trained in the development and delivery of training and education sessions or programmes, which can include psychological topics such as anxiety and depression or workplace training based on wellbeing or specific topics such as ADHD etc.

Please look at the subpages under this heading about the different psychological services that I offer, the types of therapy I use, what sessions with me might look like, what working online can be like, my terms and some useful resources.

If you dont see what you are looking for, please get in touch to discuss your individual needs.

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